Present: Globalization, Global Poverty, Kiva and Linguistics


Wow, what an action packed day we had on Thursday exploring our world in the present. We started the day with a fascinating examination of Globalization seeing how transnational corporations and brands from all over the world affect our lives in so many ways, even something as basic getting up in the morning. Then we moved on to a discussion identity where we looked at how national, mixed and global identity sit alongside eachother and relate to eachother. Finally in the morning, we unpacked the very serious issue of extreme poverty. We did a simulation where we had to write a weekly budget for a family living on $2 a day, a challenge that 1.4 billion people face every day!

In the afternoon we explored how we as individuals can make a difference to the lives of people living in poverty around the world, in a sustainable manner. We discussed microfinance, where you give a small loan to somebody through organisations like Kiva, and they pay you back over time. We completed the activity by making a loan to a woman who runs a food market in Honduras!  In half a day we made a meaningful impact on somebody’s life in a country on the other side of the world. How exciting is that?!

We then studied the features of using english in different contexts from speeches to writing, to books to the internet. Interesting stuff.


3 thoughts on “Present: Globalization, Global Poverty, Kiva and Linguistics

  1. Tara 🙂
    Summer School was absolutely amazing! Thank you to everyone 🙂 i hope we all stay intouch through this blog.
    I miss everyone so much and i think we should all have a “Get Together” day, where we all meet up somewhere and have lunch or something 😛

    • Thank you so much Tara! We all had a fantastic time getting to know you all and working with you all. We haven’t stopped speaking about how impressed we were with all of you and the level of intelligence, curiosity and fun you all bought to the the week. Let’s definitely keep in touch through the blog and we will post our email addresses here soon so you can contact us with any follow up questions you may have!

      Thanks again, enjoy the rest of your break and good luck with the new School year!!

      • Thank you and likewise! Good luck to you all with the new teaching career and hope you really enjoy it and hope that practising on us made it worth while!! :’)

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