Future: Social Media and Blogging

On Friday we looked to the future. We spoke about how young people’s grasp of technology along with their beliefs, ideas and optimism can achieve amazing goals. Did you know that by the time they are 11 young people are already more proficient with technology than their parents? We put this into action by all building blogs where we can begin to connect with one another and write down our own ideas and thoughts to share. Never forget the future belongs to you and you are already equipped to begin shaping how it looks not just for you but for everyone!

Here are the blogs (for some reason the links aren’t working so you need to copy and paste them into your search bar):

Ricky: www.rickyconglione.wordpress.com

Tara: www.tara2013.wordpress.com

Luke: www.lukebonfiglio98.wordpress.com

Josh: www.joshooaaspage.wordpress.com

Davish: www.davish980.wordpress.com

Daisy: www.savingtheworldstepbystep.wordpress.com

Sandy: www.soccerifyme.wordpress.com

Carmen: www.ilikeanimals.wordpress.com

Aida: www.abundantideas.wordpress.com

Zac: www.aussierulesinfoo.wordpress.com

Sandy: www.soccerifyme.wordpress.com


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