Shout Outs!

Over the week we all added shout outs to our ‘shout out board’ here they are:

Sandy, for your awesome feedback all week! Thanks!

Davish, for figuring out how to fix our WordPress troubles and then demonstrating that to the whole class, way to go!

Paris, thank you so much for your thoughtful contributions.

Zac for great participation

Someone (I don’t know who) for being very honest about their response to the ‘I am not sorry’ piece at the start of the Reconciliation session.

Aida, for contributing so readily.

Daisy, I really like your blog, hope you keep going

Zac, for getting into things that interest you.

EVERYONE, fantastic insights from your work at the gallery.

Carmen, thank you for all your terrific work all week.

Luke, you are an impressive guy and I think you will go far.

Amy, thank you for being such a willing participant in the activities.

EVERYONE, thank you for taking time out of your holidays to come to Summer School!

Aida, for being so supportive of others and their views and for getting involved in shout outs.

Thank you to all the teachers. It’s nice to know that you are trying really hard!!

Ricky, for questioning like a uni student!!

Paris, you are a great friend and brought great ideas in the group work!

Aida, thanks for being brave and standing on your own in the reconciliation session

Josh, thank you for your well thought out comments all week!

Teachers, thank you for all the experiences.  It was really fun, enjoyable and interesting!

Ricky, for being so open

Lin, I am constantly impressed by your knowledge of world issues.

Daisy, thanks for being so ready to get up and give it a go! Great blog!

You guys for great discussions

Tara and Sandy, for your fabulous smiles

Thank you all teachers for all your time and great help!


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