Adora Svitak: What adults can learn from kids

Hi all,

If you are interested this is the video we tried to watch on Friday morning. It is an inspirational discussion and a good way to remind yourselves that you have the power to make a difference starting today!


Future: Social Media and Blogging

On Friday we looked to the future. We spoke about how young people’s grasp of technology along with their beliefs, ideas and optimism can achieve amazing goals. Did you know that by the time they are 11 young people are already more proficient with technology than their parents? We put this into action by all building blogs where we can begin to connect with one another and write down our own ideas and thoughts to share. Never forget the future belongs to you and you are already equipped to begin shaping how it looks not just for you but for everyone!

Here are the blogs (for some reason the links aren’t working so you need to copy and paste them into your search bar):












Present: Globalization, Global Poverty, Kiva and Linguistics


Wow, what an action packed day we had on Thursday exploring our world in the present. We started the day with a fascinating examination of Globalization seeing how transnational corporations and brands from all over the world affect our lives in so many ways, even something as basic getting up in the morning. Then we moved on to a discussion identity where we looked at how national, mixed and global identity sit alongside eachother and relate to eachother. Finally in the morning, we unpacked the very serious issue of extreme poverty. We did a simulation where we had to write a weekly budget for a family living on $2 a day, a challenge that 1.4 billion people face every day!

In the afternoon we explored how we as individuals can make a difference to the lives of people living in poverty around the world, in a sustainable manner. We discussed microfinance, where you give a small loan to somebody through organisations like Kiva, and they pay you back over time. We completed the activity by making a loan to a woman who runs a food market in Honduras!  In half a day we made a meaningful impact on somebody’s life in a country on the other side of the world. How exciting is that?!

We then studied the features of using english in different contexts from speeches to writing, to books to the internet. Interesting stuff.

Past: Stolen Generation and Reconciliation

On Wednesday we delved into our past exploring the Stolen Generation and Reconciliation before venturing into the city for an excursion to the National Gallery of Victoria: Ian Potter Centre. In the morning we created our own societies and then simulated what it might be like being moved without warning to new societies where everything is different. Then, after some really excellent debates, we examined the policies of Australia’s major political parties before electing a new Government and giving its maiden speech on Indigenous policy.


In the afternoon we caught the tram to Federation Square where we visited the Ian Potter Centre and explored the topic of identity through art. Some really impressive observations were made and everyone had a good time finding works that meant something to them. Well done everyone!

Planet: Beauty in Nature and Sustainability

On Tuesday we explored the planet. Examining Fibonacci sequences to unlock links between mathematical codes, spirals and beauty that exist almost everywhere we look, from art to plants to food. In the afternoon we examined the issue of the environment and environmental sustainability. We discussed the Australian Youth Climate Coaltion before freezing various items and smashing them. Awesome!



In this activity we wrote a story by all contributing one sentence beginning with the word  ‘Suddenly!’ 


Tim’s interesting interpretation. Well done Tim!

Once upon a time I went to summer school at Melbourne Uni. Suddenly, the building turned into a transformer that spoke in every language at the same time. Suddenly, aliens came down to earth and kidnapped the prime-minister. Suddenly, I fell into a giant hole in the ground. Suddenly, I slid on a banana peel. Suddenly, I fell in the hole in the ground and ended up on a mountain. Suddenly, the power goes out! Suddenly, dinosaurs came back to life! Suddenly, a cat out of nowhere jumped on my head and stayed there for hours. Suddenly, I was attacked by a rhinoceros. Suddenly, I felt the chair beneath me start to give way.

Watch out Shakespeare!